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Savarese Promotions

Savarese Promotions, owned by former professional boxing champion and two-time Golden Gloves winner, Lou Savarese, and Houston entrepreneur, Jody James, is a locally owned and operated business promoting professional boxers and boxing events in Houston, Texas.

Lou Savarese

Lou Savarese, two-time Golden Gloves winner with a career record that includes a respectable 46 wins and 7 losses and match ups against contenders such as Buster Mathis, Jr., Mike Tyson and George Foreman, has established himself as more than just a boxing champion and trainer. Founder of Savarese Promotions, Lou Savarese brings a wealth of knowledge and charisma to the company from his prior business endeavors and experience with motivational speaking and being in front of the camera for televised fights and the occasional acting role.

Jody James

Jody James, Houston entrepreneur, joined Savarese Promotions after selling an oilfield manufacturing business in 2015. An active member of the Houston chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Jody James is involved in several Texas start-ups. His business acumen and forward thinking approach is taking Savarese Promotions and professional boxing to new heights in the greater Houston area.

Savarese Fight Fit Gym

Savarese Fight Fit Gym, founded by Lou Savarese, is downtown Houston’s most complete boxing fitness center providing a full weight room, boxing and martial arts classes and private training sessions for men, women and kids of all ages and fitness levels.

Visit http://www.savaresefightfit.net for more information.

Contact Information: info@savaresepromotions.com